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Oct 11, 2012 at 08:33 AM

Enterprise Compensation Management Budgeting query


Hi folks,

Using EHP6.

Have created a budget structure via the Org Structure and now wish to populate each Budget unit (Org Unit) with a flat 5% of the Annual Salaries of the eligible people in that Org Unit. I realise that it is possible to use the "bottom-up by guidelines" method but to populate the budget you need to have released the budget (with no dollars) and then run the new Org Unit preparation report to do this and then the figures that are created may exceed a flat 5% as they are using the guidelines and may calculate out at a higher value (in this event the Planners would need to adjust figurs downward but with no flat 5% budget how do they know what to plan to?).

To complicate things, the determination of the Annual salaries is done in a BAdI and these figures are not available to me until the Org Unit preparation report and IT0759 records are created. Then I could do some pre-budget planning by extracting the IT0759 records, do the 5% manually, re-set the budget to "In Planning",delete all IT0759 records, re-set the Org Unit Preparation report and then upload (haven't used this BAdI yet...) or manually adjust each Budget Unit and repeat the creation process (I think it is then OK for the budgets to go in to negative and be adjusted by Planners). Phew! Crazy approach.

Is there any way (ie. Top-down budget determination) that I can have the system calculate a flat 5% for the budget amounts, as per the Annual Salary calculation BAdI and eligibility rules in place before I release the budget and perform the Org Unit preparation etc? Is this standard or do I have to use another BAdI for this?

All help gratefully received and of course points awarded.