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Oct 11, 2012 at 07:10 AM

Tables not existing in DD03T?



I have come across a very annoying issue yesterday and I just want to confirm whether this is still so or it's just because our system is outdated: I have a code querying several DD tables, among them DD03L (fields) and DD03T (field_texts). Now, some tables - well, I came across only one, BKPF - do exist in DD03L, so I can get a list of all the fields in BKPF - but don't exist in DD03T, so I cannot get any field_texts for the fields in BKPF there. The field_names exist in DD03T, but several times in several other tables, so I have duplicates - there are e.g. 3 different fields 'BUDAT' in 3 different tables with 3 different texts - so I cannot easily get rid of duplicates or be sure which is the correct text for the field BUDAT in table BKPF.

Is this still so with an up-to-date IDES system?

Thanks a lot!

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