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Oct 10, 2012 at 01:10 PM

CIN: Rounding off of VAT Surcharge: JVSC


Dear All,

We want to roundoff the VAT Surcharge amount to the nearest rupee. For example: If the amount is INR 19.19, then it should be rounded off to INR 19.00 and if the amount is INR 19.75 then it should be rounded off to INR 20.

We have tries the following:

We have set the Condition type JVSC, with rounding rule - 'Commercial'.

We have set the Caltype as 17 (routine for rounding as per T001R) for Condition type JVSC in TAXINN procedure.

We have set Rounding unit in T001R as 100 for the Company Code.

But, when we try to post, the amount does not get rounded off.

Are we missing something? Any other setting has to be done?

Please help.


Vinod P