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Former Member
Oct 10, 2012 at 12:18 PM

COGS value transfer to COPA when goods sold is Moving Average Price (V)


Hi All,

Ok, now I am so confused and stucked into the issue!

I configured the COPA Mater > Valuation so that I can transfer the COGS value to COPA from Billing document.

I tested and see it works pretty much fine for materials those have their price control S with valid cost estimates in current period.

Now, as we are rolling out our global template, I tried to implement the same technich used in different country but in that site,

items which will be sold to customers are all moving average price with their price control V (Previous site was factory and this site is trading company).

I realized the COGS value is not transfered to COPA since item I billed for testing did not have valid cost estimate.

How can I transafer the COGS value to the COPA for those materials with moving average price? Need detailed explanation.