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Role/Privileges Future Values Issue

Hi Guys,

I would like to get your thoughts on an issue we are encountering in Production. We have this isolated issue where in some user's future dated assignments of attributes (roles, validity date etc.) is not being provisioned to users. There are no patterns found, and the problem is that the users original roles are DEprovisioned and the problem comes in when the expected next provisioning fails. There are no job failure in terms of the future dated assignments, no custom task are built as well, these are purely IDM out of the box being used in our Production system.

We have asked SAP few months back and the issue can be resolved by updating our HCM provisioning framework to SP9 (our current SP of IDM), it was found out that the problem was occurring when our system was upgraded but the HCM PF was not updated as well.

We implemented the fix on our BAU track, however when we are in the middle of our UAT , the issue is again reoccured, but not in DEV when we finished our Unit Testing smoothly. I would like to ask a few question that I cant find on the Pending Value subject (hope I haven't skipped some important documentations, if I did feel free to send me links):

1. How do IDM treat PVO? In the perspective of how it is being assigned, are they treated as normal assignments (but with limited time)? How do they call the provisioning tasks?

2. Is there any way to see a reason on why a PVO failed its assignment?

3. Any thoughts on why the PVOs are not being assigned?

Please see sample screenshot of this scenario.

Thanks in advance as always!

Best Regards and Happy New Year!,


screenshot.png (12.7 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Jan 04, 2017 at 01:45 PM

    Hi Santi,

    Just wondering, what does a trace show?

    Also since the problem seems to be intermittent, have you tried writing information to the job log so that you might see what's happening with some of the related values.

    Recently had some issues with this myself, that you can see here on SCN. One thing I noticed was that IDM can be very particular about date formats when writing MX_VALIDFROM and MX_VALIDTO, this would definitely be something I would track while troubleshooting.


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