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Transport Enhancement in Eclipse

Hi guys,

I am looking for an easy way to make enhancements to the transport creation and release available in the eclipse transport handler.

There is an implementation of CTS_REQUEST_CHECK with most of the methods implemented. Since SAP GUI is now used only rarely we would like to have the enhancement logic also available in the eclipse popup for selecting or creating a transport request.

I found badi BADI_ADT_REST_RFC_APPLICATION that is the enhancement spot for the web services for eclipse. And for that badi there is an implementation called TRANSPORT.

Additionally in the eclipse plugin browser I found '' and ''.

Ultimately we require to have some additional properties filled in on transport creation (thats the most important enhancement at the moment).

This interesting blog shows about creation and changing of new custom plugins, nowever I was wondering if there is an easier way to to this since I have no experience with plugin creation.

Many thanks in advance,


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  • Hello Thomas,

    we have the same requirement as described by Joery Vannieuwenhuyse.

    Is your answer from above still valid, that it is not possible to enhance the dialog in eclipse when creating a new transport?

    We would need an additional field to specify a Jira ticket number and save it as an attribute of the transport. (This could be in an additional popup, too.)

    It would be great to get a short feedback.

    Best regards

    Tim Trumpf

  • Dharun Kumar & Tim Trumpf

    Hi Dharun, hi Tim,

    we have a similar process which I implemented via the CTS_REQUEST_CHECK BADI before a transport gets created. This works really fine via SAP GUI but it gave me some issues via Eclipse at first, in that it was accessed but then first dumped due to GUI pop-ups and later didn't bring back the triggered custom error message. You can read the details in this question about how to avoid DYNPRO_CALLED_IN_BACKGROUND dumps ... (and I just realised that I'll need to update the question tomorrow when I'm back in the office to add the OSS-note SAP-provided to fix the error message issue).



  • Hi Bärbel,

    thank you for your quick and helpful answer.

    I implemented the note 2775007 for the problem with the custom error message.

    Additionally I implement the BADI like this:

    METHOD if_ex_cts_request_check~check_before_creation.
      DATA: lt_text_split TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF string.
      IF tool_flag = 'E' AND cl_salv_model=>is_offline( ) = abap_true AND type = 'K'.
        CONDENSE text.
        IF strlen( text ) = 0.
          MESSAGE e010(sapmtran) WITH 'Please enter a description with CR ticket.' RAISING cancel.
        SPLIT text AT '|' INTO TABLE lt_text_split.
        CASE lines( lt_text_split ).
          WHEN 1.
            MESSAGE e010(sapmtran) WITH 'Please enter CR ticket in descr. like ...|BPC-123' RAISING cancel.
          WHEN 2.
            DATA(lv_cr_ticket) = VALUE trvalue( lt_text_split[ 2 ] ).
            CONDENSE lv_cr_ticket.
            IF lv_cr_ticket IS INITIAL.
              MESSAGE e010(sapmtran) WITH 'CR Ticket number is emtpy.' RAISING cancel.
            text = lt_text_split[ 1 ].
            APPEND VALUE scts_attr( attribute = 'Z_CR_JIRA'
                                    value = lv_cr_ticket ) TO attributes.
          WHEN OTHERS.
            MESSAGE e010(sapmtran) WITH 'Please enter only one pipe symbol.' RAISING cancel.

    I can enter a (Jira) ticket number in the description now (with a separator):

    The attribute is created:

    This looks like a possible workaround for me.

    The only thing missing would be a separate field for the ticket number, but as I understand it SAP would have to support this in the ADT.

    Best regards


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2 Answers

  • Jan 05, 2017 at 01:33 PM

    Hi Thomas,

    Many thanks for the reply.

    I tried to change the tag as you said but am getting an error when trying to save the changes (will try this again at a later time).

    The requirement is to have the ability to force the user to enter some additional attributes for the transport. I will hereby try to illustrate with some screenshots.

    In Eclipse the popup appears and when creating a new description it is only possible to set a description.

    After this the request is created with the description as was provided in the popup.

    When using the transaction SE10 using native SAP GUI in eclipse the behavior that is wished for and developers here are used to can be illustrated.

    First again enter the description.

    After the description the enhancement is triggered and a new popup is called. The content added in this popup will be added as additional attributes to the transport request. The description is just repeated and can still be changed, in fact the description will get some additional data added in front depending on the entries of the additional attributes.

    The request is created and the additional attributes can be found on the request.

    So in conclusion some enhancement or configurable part to enable the addition of extra attributes on the request would be nice.

    I hope this clarifies things for you and if needed we can certainly get in touch about this topic.

    Kind Regards,


    img1.png (22.0 kB)
    img2.png (12.1 kB)
    img3.png (11.6 kB)
    img4.png (27.7 kB)
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    • Hi Kumar,

      I did not found a proper solution for this.
      It was a requirement at one of my customers and in the end till this day there was introduced a rule that transports need to be created via SE10 first so that the old enhancements are used.
      Then the transport becomes available in the eclipse transport management popup when changing objects and it can be used that way.

      Not what was wished for but it still works for now with this workaround.

      Hope it helps

  • Jan 04, 2017 at 09:29 AM

    One remark: Could you please change the related tag of your question to 'ABAP development'.

    SAP Transportation Management has nothing to do with ABAP transports.



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