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Oct 10, 2012 at 09:33 AM

ExecuteAPI to execute a custom VBA Sub


Hi there,

Is it possible to get the EPM Excel addin executeAPI function to execute a custom sub. I need to switch context and open a docuemnt from the server. Essentially duplicating the EPMLink functionality that I thought I had working, but I now can;t replicate that.

thanks so much



Through some testing, I have managed to get a few things working.

In the SP12 (patch 4) EPM Addin (not .NET 4.0 version) there is a formula called EPMPathLink. This contains the same paramters as the EPMLink function, but it seems to work. Once I have opened the reports with EPMPathlink, I can then close it, and open it with EPMLink.

At the same time, I have got then OpenSpecificDocument working on the double click event for the sheet, and can switch the context to the right one. Great!

What all these functions seem to do, is create the .xltx file on the users PC. using c:\ as the root.

So, if you open \REPORTS\TEMP\AccountReport.xltx, users will have c:\REPORTS\TEMP\AccountReport.xltx on their PC.

if you open \BOOKS\AccountBookt.xltx, users will have c:\BOOKS\AccountBookt.xltx on their PC.

Does anyone know if this is correct, or am I missing something. My concern is that Users won't be allowed to create docuemnts on c:\ and equally won't be happy for c:\ to be clutered with BPC tempalte stuff.

thanks again.