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Oct 10, 2012 at 03:40 AM

Wants to upload SOD(Functioins.Actions,Permissions,etc) related data from one System to other system on CC(4.0)


Hi All,

We have two R/3 environments (Both at 4.6c ). Both are running CC 4.0. What's the best way to replace the whole SOD ruleset on the 4.6c system with the one from our 4.6 system. When I say whole ruleset I mean all the risk, function, and business process area tables then regenerating all the rules. And I don't want to copy any of the mitigation information to the other system.

I looked at the download/upload utility and it seems to deal with the generated rules. The text files it downloaded do not appear to contain anything resembling the function or risk tables. I assume we want to do more of an export/import activity similar to an upgrade conversion or new install (but using the risks and functions from our other system instead of the default set supplied by Virsa.) I can extract the tables I want (/virsa/bussproct, /virsa/funtiont, /virsa/functtcd, /virsa/functobj, /virsa/risks, etc.) but it would be very time consuming and manual approach?

Also if I don’t have option to export SOD Related data from my old system , is there any option from where I can upload SAP delivered text files?