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Oct 10, 2012 at 02:09 AM

kss4 and kspi



I a bit confused of these 2 tcode kss4 and kspi. need confirmation if my understanding is correct.

1. All the expenses plan on one cost center ( CC = 1100) from primary cost element (KP06) Example say 400 Rs

2. 2 activity type assigned to CC 1100

3. Planned quantity of that Activity are Activity Power = 4 Quantity and Activity Labour = 6 Quantity in KP26 in Planned Field.

4. So when we run KSS4 Splitting, system will divide total plan cost of CC 1100 .i.e. rs 400 by 2 activity which will be equal to 200 Rs in Each activity. (according to splitting structure okes/okew and for simplicity sake, average them)

5. Now when we run KSPI – Price Calculation, system check the plan quantity in each activity ( 4 and 6 quantity) and divide the cost in each activity by that quantity


Power = 200 divide by 6 = 33.333 Rs

Labour= 200 divide by 4 = 50 Rs.

may i know if the above understanding of kss4 (split cost from cost center to activity) and kspi (splitted cost by activity divided by activity quantity) correct?