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Former Member
Oct 09, 2012 at 09:27 PM

Replacements for functionality losses from BO XI R3 to BO 4?


Hi all,

We have a java-based web app that uses BO for reporting via various utilities and embedding. I've been evaluating BO 4 and it seems a lot of the things we used to use to do this no longer work and I've been unable to find new ways to do them. Can anyone guide me on how to accomplish the following tasks:

1) We have a set of standardized Crystal Reports that we would generate and distribute to each customer. We did this by supplying a BIAR file to each customer, and providing a utility program that customers could use to import the BIAR file to their CMS.

So say we wanted to import one of these BIAR files to a BO4 customer. As far as I can tell, I have to use the Upgrade Management Tool, and run it manually. Is there a way to use the tool via a java SDK?

Alternately, say we provide the new LCMBIAR file for the BO4 users. Is there a way to import that programmatically, without using the LCM in the CMC?

2) We allowed users to create WebI reports from our application by embedding the DHTML WebI report panel directly in a web page by using openQueryPanel.jsp. This appears to no longer work - is there a way to create a new WebI via an embedded viewer? (I am aware of openDocument.jsp - but it looks like that can only be used to open existing reports).

3) We allowed users to access WebI reports (both to create and view existing reports) via the java applet (ThinCadenza.jar). This applet seems to be gone. Is there a replacement applet?