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Oct 09, 2012 at 06:35 PM

External Number Range for Equipment


Hello All,

I have been trying to assign External Number range for Equipment. I created External Number range & assigned the Equipment category to that group. I have not ticked No Alphanumeric code is allowed in Equipment category configuration.

When I am trying with Equipment creation in IE01, I am getting error message as follows.

No external number range defined for equipment category

Message no. IS037


You have entered a number but an internal number assignment is set for the equipment category.

System Response

The system assigns a number itself.


You should not enter a number.

I have attached the screen shot of OIEN transaction & IE01 transaction.

I tried with different combination like 1000AA00 to 1000ZZ00, 1000AA00 to ZZZZZZZZ, etc.,

I am facing this problem with one of the Training Client.

In Unit Testing Client, 1000AZ00 to ZZZZZZZZ number range is working fine.

Please give some views on this.


OIEN.jpg (59.2 kB)
IE01.jpg (32.3 kB)