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Former Member
Jul 16, 2005 at 09:02 AM

Problem in displaying data in Multi Planning Area


Dear All,

i have created a multiplanning area (ZTEST) out of two planning areas BPBIACT (Sales Actual) and ZCOPACP ( Planning area for COPA).

For COPA cube i have added "0sold_to" characteristic and taken only one key figure 0net_val_s.I created the copy of COPA cube and made changes.

My aim is to display the sales qty from the BPBIACT(Sales Actual) and then

accordingly 0net_val_s should be planned which is in my COPA cube.

In my layout i have selected 'Layout category' as 'Key figs in data columns'. In settings i have taken units (Base unit of measure and Statistical currency) as header,material and sold to party as lead column and planning area as data column. In the level i have selected unit for Base unit of measure as 'T' and Staistical currency as "INR".

Now, i have got 2 key figures to be displayed one from sales cube and other from copa cube.Accordingly i selected the planning area for the respective key figures.I am able to see the sales data but unable to plan for COPA key figure (0net_val_s).Since the sales qty should only be displayed i have tick the check box for "comparision row or column" in layout.

My problem is if i take only one key figure in multi planning area i am able to see the data whatever present in the respective planning area.For eg,if i enter 100 INR in copa then it is visible. As soon as i add other key figure ie,Base unit of measure i am able to see only sales data and not COPA data.

Has anybody faced this problem before?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.