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Oct 09, 2012 at 02:21 PM

Irregular payroll period


I have heard some Spanish companies are running payroll from 15th to 15th. I am implementing SAP payroll based on international version. I need some helps.

I would consider payroll period from 26th to 25th but have legal reports from 1 to 31.

In payroll we must consider overtime and unpaid absences from 26th to 25th. But for legal reporting issues we must consider it from 1st to 31th.

I mean if anybody has 1 full day unpaid absence at 28th of first month, I would deduct his/her salary in second month payroll but I have to report it in first month insurance report.

How should I define payroll periods and how should I run payroll each month?

Do I need to run payroll two times each month? One at, for example, 27th to pay and second one at 1th of next month for legal reports?

Have you any idea?