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Oct 09, 2012 at 11:01 AM

SAP MAXDB backup problem


Hello All,

I have a question regarding MAXDB backup.

Our configuration of MaxDB is: all Maxdb executables are on disk d: and all data files are on disk e:.

We created the following backup templates:

dbmcli.exe -d CSD -u superdba,<PASSWORD> -uUTL -c medium_put CSD_DATA E:\sapdb\BACKUP\CSD\DATA\DAT0001 FILE DATA

(for full online backup)

dbmcli.exe -d CSD -u superdba,<PASSWORD> -uUTL -c medium_put CSD_LOG E:\sapdb\BACKUP\CSD\LOG\LOG0001 FILE LOG

(for log backups)

We also backed up our database with the following commands:

dbmcli.exe -d CSD -u superdba,<PASSWORD> -uUTL -c backup_start CSD_DATA

dbmcli.exe -d CSD -u superdba,<PASSWORD> -uUTL -c backup_start CSD_LOG

The operation was successful.

Now we want to simulate data loss and recovery operation. We deleted all data/log files on disk e: (just to simulate the loss of the disk).

During the recovery process the transition to state "ADMIN" is successful. But when i click the button "NEXT" i have the following error:

Command 'db_restartinfo' has ended and failed with return code -24988.

4944 ERR -24988 DBMSrv ERR_SQL: SQL error

4944 ERR -24778 DBMSrv -902,I/O error

Can You kindly point me to right recover process? Should I restore my data-files from cold backup before recover database from online full backup?



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