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Oct 09, 2012 at 09:27 AM

Issue with RAW data format while processing in loop


Dear All,

I am creating one report in which I wrote following code....

SELECT * FROM vicncn INTO TABLE ist_vicncn              FOR ALL ENTRIES IN ist_vibdroocc              WHERE recnnr = LV_recnnr ."---Get contract IF sy-subrc = 0 .SELECT * FROM virainv INTO TABLE ist_virainv              FOR ALL ENTRIES IN ist_vicncn              WHERE objnr = ist_vicncn-objnr .IF SY-SUBRC = 0.     SELECT * FROM virainvitem INTO TABLE ist_virainvitem             FOR ALL ENTRIES IN ist_virainv             WHERE   invguid = ist_virainv-invguid               AND condtype IN r_condition . " Consumption  ENDIF . ENDIF.       READ TABLE ist_vicncn INTO wa_vicncn WITH KEY recnnr = wa_vibdroocc-occrecnnr .       IF sy-subrc = 0 .         READ TABLE ist_virainv INTO wa_virainv WITH KEY objnr = wa_vicncn-objnr .         IF sy-subrc = 0 .           LOOP AT ist_virainvitem INTO wa_virainvitem WHERE invguid = wa_virainv-invguid .            ENDLOOP.        ENDIF.    ENDIF.

  • At line number 13 - I am fetching data into table IST_VIRAINVITEM.
  • At line number 27 - For the same loop IST_VIRAINVITEM ; not running when I am passing INVGUID from IST_VIRAINV.
  • Problem is with RAW data format(As INVGUID is field is RAW data format).

Please help.......