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Oct 08, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Any suggestion for SSM10 for PAS model limits?



I have a question, as the topic, we have a customer going to running on SSM7.5 but there is a upgrade to SSM10 in December.

There are about 140 scorecards and around 3500 KPIs, considered business connect between these scorecard ( A problem with the capacity for the number of kpis to built Pas Model , we made many cubes and in some cases dont link with some scorecards).

In SSM 7.5 have one Pas Model for many scorecard (approximatelly 8 to 12 socrecards) , therefore we built many cubes to group scorecards and kpis.

In SSM10 I want to know how many metrics(kpis) in the PAS Model can built? Because the version SSM7.5 have 400 kpis standard and index kpis for dimensional model. Watch the attach file. I checked to make the PAS model in SSM 7.5 and not allow me to add more than 200 KPIs (200 * 2=400 , I guess the option "Yes" in the KPI generated target and actual kpi).

I read SSM 10 and not found the maximum or limit for "kpis" in the dimensional model.

I found 5000 measures or more(MAXSETS=x)...? , but I understand that one KPI have 5 measures, so (5000 measures / 5 ) = 1000 kpis???... I want to know what is the diferrence between SSM 7.5 to SSM 10 in the number of kpis of pas model?

Can I build a single PAS model and link to many scorecards with more than 200 kpis in SSM 10?

Please, help





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