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Former Member
Oct 08, 2012 at 04:08 PM

First Report refresh: failed


Hi Experts,

we have a strange issue with a report, BPC NW 10.

This report expands the Base Level of a dimension on Row Axis. In Report Editor no member of this dimension is selected, only the option Base Level.

The report works fine with an admin user.

Then I try to open it when I'm logged in with a user with a security restriction on the dimension epanded and something strange happens:

The first time I refresh the report nothing happens, the "Process in progress" icon appears for a few seconds but no member/data are retrieved.

After that, when I refresh again, the reports correctly retrieve only the members the user has access right.

Is it normal? How can I avoid this strange behaviour?

Furthermore: I'd like to have no member on the template when I save it. I know there's the "Clear data when saving template" option, is there something similar for the rows members?

Thanks for your valuabel assistance.

Best regards