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Oct 08, 2012 at 02:17 PM

Sections and elements in document builder


Hi experts,

Just a basic question about document builder general behaviour.

Lets suppose I have a document with 3 sections, each section having different elements.

When I look at the Document Summary Tab, I can see a section index in the left side of the screen:

- Sections

  • My section one
  • My section two
  • My section three

On the other hand, I can see a table with elements related to the document:

- Elements

  • Element 1.1 (from section 1)
  • Element 1.2 (from section 1)
  • Element 2.1 (from section 2)
  • Element 3.1 (from section 3)

I am wondering why this table shows all elements without taking into account the section I have just clicked in the section index. I expected to get displayed all elements linked to the just selected section but not all elements regardless such selected section.

So if click on My section one, I expect to get listed {Element 1.1, Element 1.2} as elements in the elements table, but I get all elements...

Is this a normal behaviour? Is there any way of customizing/BAdI/Note/... in order to get listed only the elements for the selected section?

Thanks in advance