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Oct 20, 2012 at 06:01 AM

Issue related to Clarification Account



Assume payment is posted to clarification account from there to party account which gets cleared with open item (let say, invoicing).

e.g. Cash/ Bank A/c Dr. INR 100

To Clarification A/c Cr. INR 100

2nd Entry, Clarification A/c Dr. INR 100

To Party A/c Cr. INR 100 (Main - Sub - 0600-0020)

Now due to some reason, we need to reversed invoice, so we have to do reset of cleared items. (clearing reason -09)

Now issue is when we do reset items than rather than breaking linkage, system posts this reversed of 2nd entry, ie.

Party A/c Dr. INR 100 (Main - sub - 0600-0020)

To Clarification A/c Cr. INR 100

Now I have three queries,

1. isn't above reset irregular, as we were not reversing payment items but merely resetting it.

2. shouldn'r staus of payment lot through which items were posted get reset.

3. How to find such cases as in FAGLB03, balance of clarification a/c in not zero but table DFKKCFZST is nil.