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Oct 07, 2012 at 01:43 PM

Quality Inspection in Discrete Manufacturing



I am working in a discrete manufacturing environment. Inspection characteristics are defined in the routing.


Manufacture of tube assembly

Operation 10: Tube Cutting > 1 quantitative inspection charactertic is defined(Check Cutting Length)
Operation 20: Bulging> 1 Qualitative inspection characteristics is defined(Check tube liquid)
Operation 30: CNC Bending> 1 Qualitative inspection characteristics is defined(Check tube bending)
Operation 90: Final Assembly> 1 Qualitative inspection characteristics is defined(check compete tube manufactured)

A Production Order of 10 quantity is entered and released, inspection lot is created. Quality Inspector checks the lot and record results via QE51n or QA32. While inspecting cutting length characteristics in operation 0010 for 10 quantity, 4 quantity appears to be rejected an rest 6 appears to be OK. As per the company rules the whole lot is valuated as rejected and production is asked to re-produce the lot.
I have the following questions:
a) Why the system doesnot stop quality inspector from recording result for Operation 0020 when Operation 10 is rejected? Am I missing any config
b) Is Quality inspector required to transact usage decision and reject the whole lot without recording rest of the operations(Op 20 till Op 90)
b) How rejection information will flow to production staff?
c) Is the prodction staff going to create the new production order and delete the old one as system will create inspection lot for new order?
d) Can any one help me providing complete business process of quality inspection in discrete manufacturing?