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Oct 06, 2012 at 03:44 PM

DTP: Master Data Attribues to Cube


Dear Experts,

I have a scheduled data transfer process to load master data attribues of a characteristic in an infocube but this infocube does not have the entire historical data. This may mean I have "more" master data than is required to store data in the cube at a given point in time with complete non blank valuee of records. I now need to create CVC's based on this infocube but I get a message "no planning object is created", precisely because not all transaction data exists in the cube (but master data and its attributes does... blank values)

To help visualize, I have product in the infocube. An infopackage loads the same with the corresponding key figure data. I now load an attribute of product called product group to the product char (direct update). I now schedule a DTP to load the infocube that has product group in the product dimension.


-Am I doing something wrong.. non standard ?

-How can I create CVC's only for those records that are non blank in infocube ? (seletions not equal to blank in MPOS). I need this attribute in CVC.

The end objective is creation of CVC's from this infocube and that too valid ones at any given point in time.