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Oct 06, 2012 at 12:03 PM

Selling of Semi FInished material as Finished goods


Dear Experts

General scenario:-

Final Product:- Steel Casting

Cast steel is configurable material with variant configuration.

Semi FInished product:- Molten Iron


The molten metal is to be sold to a nearby company as finished product. The molten iron is a semifinished product. So in order to sell the product we need to modify the material master views.

Proposed solution :-

1. Modify the material master of the Molten Iron material . SO that the same material code can be used as finished and semi finished product.

2. Create a new master data ( Material Master, BOM, and Routing ). We create a new header material BOM for the finished product . Molten iron material is assigned to the lower level of this BOM.

Question :-

1.Out of the two proposed solutions , which one is more practically possible.

2. If we do not create a new material code then what are the essentials modifications required in material master and configurations.

3. If we create a new material code , then what are settings needed.

Your guidance will be immensely appreciated. Thank you.

Kind regards