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Oct 05, 2012 at 05:49 PM

Value help for a Z field


Hi guys,

I have a problem with a requirement,

I've created a Z field via AET in a component, and I need to create a value help for that field that shows more than 2 flieds (like 5 or 6 fields) as a result of clicking the value help button, but I don't want to show a view with some search criteria and then clic the search button to obtain results. I need that the results appear immediatly after clicking the button in the filed.

I've read that we can use interface IF_BSP_WD_CUSTOM_F4_CALLBACK in a class and you have the CT_RESULTS_TAB to put your data retrieved there, but it is said that this TAB supports key/value format only (2 flieds as a result of the search).

So, Do you know how cai I solve my problem?

as an example, what I want it's something like this:

clic: in Zfield---->show: |field result1 | field result2 | field result3 | field result4 | field result5 | field result6|

I hope I make myself understand,

Thank you in advance


Donovan L.