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Oct 05, 2012 at 03:26 PM

Adding new characteristics to an existing class (via BAPI)


Dear all,

I have to add new characteristics to excisting classes ...

I first start to read the details using BAPI_CLASS_GETDETAIL. I give only one class as input and as output I receive the classcharacteristics and classcharvalues correctly ... In the classdescriptions I receive a lot of descriptions, but I expected only one description (of the imported class) ?

To add the new characteristics, I use BAPI_CLASS_CHANGE. I add the new characteristics to the existing ones and the new values to the existing ones and this seems to work fine ... But what with the description of the class ? Do I have to give all the existing ones again ? Or can I give one new value ?

I know these are lot of questions, but my program does not seem to work as I would want it ? Hopefully I can make it better with some help ?

I also added the program to show how I try to do it ...

Thanks in advance for the advice !!!



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