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Oct 05, 2012 at 02:37 PM

Performance Management (OSA) Status Flow and Portal Issues - EHP5


Hi SAP Gurus,

I am implementing Performance Management (OSA) using EHP5. I have participant like - Employee for self assessment, Manager for year-end assessment and General Manager.

I have set employee as appraisee, Manager as appraiser and General Manager as further participant. Also i have created substatus for in planning , in review & in process status. I am not using custom defined substatus insteed of using standard part appraisal in process substatus in In-process status.

My flow is:

Employee set goals (status=in-planning, substatus=employee draft) and send to manager for reviewing goals (status=in-review, substatus, awaiting manager review). Then manager sends makes changes and complete review.

At year end, manager starts the assessment process by clicking on Begin year end assessment, It goes into status=in-process, substatus=self assessment. When employee submits his self assessment it goes to manager for assessment(status=in-process, substatus=awaiting manager assessment).

Manager fills the ratings and send it to general manager (further participant) for approval where GM makes changes in rating if required and approve it.

My Queries:

1. Is this process correct?

2. If it is correct then why appraisal documents are not coming into appraisal inbox of employee(ESS) & manager(MSS)?

3. Could you please tell me the correct iviews for ESS & MSS which supports EHP5 OSA?

4. What is the iview for further participant where he/she can access all the appraisal document for which he/she is fucther participant?

Thanks in advance.