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Former Member
Oct 05, 2012 at 09:57 AM

Difference between ordered value and delivered value


Hi All,

In a PO I see a difference between delivered value and the ordered value. This is because the GR was done for double the value.

PO order value 2564 PC Price 1 per PC

GR 5127 value

acct entry in GR

Merch/S-Price 2.564,00 2.564,00 GR/IR/Merchand/WRX 5.127,00- 5.127,00- PriceDiffer/Merc E 2.563,00 2.563,00

The currency is the same. There is no delivery costs. Now the question is the GR/IR value is derived from the PO. In PO there are no changes and the price is 1. Can we by any chance change the value in GR manually?

Can you please help