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Oct 05, 2012 at 09:23 AM

CO_COSTCTR Archiving Write Job Fails



The CO_COSTCTR archiving write job fails with the error messages below.

Input or output error in archive file \\HOST\archive\SID\CO_COSTCTR_201209110858

Message no. BA024


An error has occurred when writing the archive file \\HOST\archive\SID\CO_COSTCTR_201209110858 in the file system. This can occur, for example, as the result of temporary network problems or of a lack of space in the fileing system.

The job logs do not indicate other possible causes. The OS and system logs don't have either. When I ran it in test mode it it finished successfully after long 8 hours. However, the error only happens during production mode where the system is generating the archive files. The weird thing, I do not have this issue with our QAS system (db copy from our Prod). I was able to archive successfully in our QAS using the same path name and logical name (we transport the settings).

Considering above, I am thinking of some system or OS related parameter that is unique or different from our QAS system. Parameter that is not saved in the database as our QAS is a db copy of our Prod system. This unique parameter could affect archiving write jobs (with read/write to file system).

I already checked the network session timeout settings (CMD > net server config) and the settings are the same between our QAS and Prod servers. No problems with disk space. The archive directory is a local shared folder \\HOST\archive\SID\<filename>. The HOST and SID are variables which are unique to each system. The difference is that our Prod server is HA configured (clustered) while our QAS is just standalone. It might have some other relevant settings I am not aware of. Has anyone encountered this before and was able to resolve it?

We're running SAP R3 4.7 by the way.