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Oct 05, 2012 at 03:14 AM

Goods Issue posted to G/L maintained in OBYC


Hi All,

what are the transactions(like GBB) in OBYC , affected for Goods issue(movement type 201 ) ?

My requirement is to do goods issue for finished goods in MB1A. it should not charge to cost center.Instead it should charge to G/L maintained in OBYC settings.

I have copied 201 to a new movement type say Z21. I assigned account modifier as ZBR for transaction GBB in the movement type. For Z21 movement type, I made Cost center as optional. I never maintain any setting for this account modifier ZBR in OBYC.

Now i used MB1A to do the GI for Finished goods. I never get any error relating to OBYC settings & GI is posted successfully.

that menas this GI never posted to any G/L . I can see there is no Finance document generated in this Goods issue.

Please advise is it possible to do the GI by maintaing the G/L in OBYC so that Goods issue will be posted directly to this account. I do not want to maintain G/L & cost center in MB1A while doing Goods issue.