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Oct 04, 2012 at 12:23 PM

IDT Universe or BICS approach for reporting on SAP BW in Bobj 4.0


Hi All,

We are in the phase of Analysing the best approach - IDT Universe ot BICS (BEx to Webi directly) for SAP-Bobj Reporting.

Following in the Env:

  • Backend - SAP BW 7.0 (there is no other DWH. Only source DWH is SAP-BW).
  • SAP Bobj version: 4.0 sp2

Pls inform in which scenarios IDT Universe will be beneficial and in which scenarios BICS appraoch (BEx to Webi directly) will be better.

- If using IDT Unvierse approach we would liek to avoid developing BEx query and directly build Universe on top SAP BW-Cube.

- Also, pls throw some light on data-level security implementation aspects if not using BEx query and directly building IDT Universe on Cube.

Thank you all,