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Oct 04, 2012 at 07:04 AM

Purchase Order Field for Reference No.


Hi SAP Experts,

Good day! Is there a field in Item Overview in Purchase Order where we can use to enter a reference number aside from Reqmt Field? We have instances where we create a PO for work package for a construction of a building (PO No. 12-001). There are times where additional work package is needed so we create another PO for additional work package (PO No. 12-002) in addition to the original PO.

What we hope to happen is for PO No. 12-002, the original PO (PO No. 12-001 is referenced). Is there a field in the PO where we can enter the original PO so that when we generate a report (querry), all the additional PO’s created for the original PO will show.