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Oct 04, 2012 at 06:32 AM

Import Operation Mapping from PI to BPM


Hi Experts,

i m creating a Business Process with SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.3 SP01 PAT0000). I would like to import an Operation Mapping from PI.

From help/ SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Documentation > Developer's Guide > Modeling Processes with Process Composer > Tasks > Modeling Automated Activities:


  1. Expand Process Modeling, then expand Operation Mappings (PI).
  2. In the context menu, choose Import Operation Mapping....
  3. In the dialog box that appears, enter the user name and password for the system on which the ESR is installed.
  4. SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio connects to the ESR. The Enterprise Service browser is populated with content.
  5. Expand your software component, namespace and operation mappings, choose an operation mapping to import and choose the Finish pushbutton.
  6. The operation mapping appears in the Operation Mappings (PI) folder and the WSDL file in the WSDL Files folder below.
  7. You can assign the operation mapping to an automated activity in your process.

More details are not available (i did not find them).

When you create an automated activity you have no field for mapping, but you can choose the imported wsdl as "Interface". That might be correct?

Under "Service Reference" you can create a new. In the Service Reference you have the "Type", i changed it to "XI" (you do the same for interface references). No idea if this is what you have to do?

In the Service Reference there is a field "Sender Component". I typed in the IB Directory's name of the process, like you did for interface references. Makes actually no sense as runtime should access only ESR. Which value is the right here?

Did anybody already import an operation mapping?

Is it to be imported and linked like an interface?

How to build up the service reference?