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Oct 04, 2012 at 04:52 AM

OPL1 new production order planned cost / target cost



I would like to know the correct price system use in production order planned cost / target cost.

2012-09-01 there is a costing run and released according to OKKN. at this point, raw1 = $1 and raw2 = $1.20 in material valuation where strategy is 1std price 2moving average. now FG standard cost calculated.

2012-09-05 additional purchase of raw1 and raw2 and now raw material moving price have moved to raw1 = $1.30 and raw2 = $1.50

2012-09-10 there is a new production order created and planned cost calculated. in OPL1, material valuation strategy same as per OKKN material valuation.

1 May I know now planned cost of my raw1 and raw2 in production order is raw1 = $1.30 and raw2 = $1.50, correct?

2 which means now the planned cost of my FG is $2.80 whereas target cost is $2.20? as i know planned cost is referring to OPL1 and target cost is based on standard cost estimation which is costing run (OKKN). Correct?