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Jul 14, 2005 at 03:52 PM

Loading data into IT0024 by LSMW


I've the task of trying to load 'qualification's' onto employee's IT24 records! It's looking a bit tricky and I'm hitting stumbling blocks. Therefore, I'd be everso grateful if anyone has some time to spare to help out?!

IT24 is actually PD view transaction PPPM - Change Profile. It's updated automatically e.g. employee attends a training course and imparts the qualification, or manually the qualification is selected from the pick list and details entered. The LSMW does not like the searching for the object ID of qualification therefore you have to select from the pick list which would mean writing an LSMW for each Qualification (which is do'able I think but defeating the objective). Ideally it would be great if we could enter the object id straight into the field but we can't as the fields are grey'd out. It's the same in both transactions, PPPM and PA30.

I'm trying to get the LSMW working for loading the qualification in however, I'm having some problems, also I'd have to write an LSMW for each object id - qualification. This maybe my only way. There are going to be lots of records to load so it may work out.

Any advise gratefully appreciated.