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Oct 03, 2012 at 09:57 PM

How to delete PO of a Shopping cart and make the cart available for the buyer to process it?


Hi All,

I am creating a shopping cart and creating a PO from it through SOCO processing. If the PO has some errors and so i am deleting the PO. Now I want this Shopping cart to be pushed back to SOCO. I tried changing the SOURCE_REL_IND to X so that the Cart is moved to the SOCO. But this cart is not displayed when i do a search in the buyers queue. And the i tried deleting the status of the cart also from the status table. No Use still couldnt find in the search. So I started debugging the search Looks like the shopping carts are fetched from a view and unfortunately this view does not have the shopping cart that i processed. So I understood that what i am doing is just a simulation to make it appear in the buyers queue. But to make the standard functionality to pick this cart, I am sure I am missing something. Please let me know how do I get this SC pushed back to Buyers queue so that the standard search itself is picking up this cart.

Note: I am working on SRM 7.0. Also While using the standard search my cart is picked up when i enter my cart number in the selection criteria.

Thanks in advance