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Oct 03, 2012 at 05:59 PM

Error in ESS only



Please help me understand this better and resolve the issue.

I have defined 2 service providers

1 - AX - American Express

2- EE- Employee (for employee reimbursements)

I have defined the Travel expense types.

Example - PARK - Parking

In the config step - Assign Wage Types to Travel Expense Types for Individual Receipts

I have assigned wage type - 1234 to expense type PARK with service provider AX


Service Provider - AX

I have assigned wage type - 9876 to the same Expense type PARK with service provider EE.


Service Provider - EE

I have created an expense report with 2 PARK expense types in it - one with service providers EE & the other with service provider AX in PR05 successfully.

No issues or errors.

But When I try to create an expense report in ESS trying to add PARK expense type as out of pcoket expense (enter manually) - I get the following error.

Amount, currency, and date fields and service provider reset

Service provider is not allowed for expense type PARK

Please note that this happens with all the expense types created manually (non-credit card).

Please help me fix this error.


Best regards,


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