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Oct 03, 2012 at 01:50 PM

NC Code hierarchy not working in POD



I am running and are having issues when using the POD (Operation or Visual Test and Repair).

I am having the following NC Code tree

FAIL (Category=Failure, Can be primary=checked,Closure Required=checked,Secondary Required for closure=checked,secondary=ASSYNOTCLEAN)

ASSYNOTCLEAN (Category=Defect,Closure Required=checked,Auto Close Primary NC=Checked,secondary=CLEANED)

CLEANED (Category=Repair, Auto Close Primary NC=checked)

When I am using the POD's I can press the LOG NC Button and log the primary FAIL NC Code, but when I press the button NC Tree to log a

hiearchy of NC Codes I can not do this. In my 5.2 environment it comes up a message box asking if I want to log a secondary NC code, but

in my 6.0 environment nothing happens.

If I use the standalone NC Logging activity, I can log a perfect NC Code hierarchy for the same SFC, operation and Resource. Here I also get the message

box asking if I want to log a secondary code, when pressing the primary FAIL NC Code.

Has anyone noticed the same behaviour?