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Oct 03, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Wrong Stock upload in earlier periods.



We went golive on 30th June. We uploaded 100 units @ Rs.25. So stock uploaded through MB1C was Rs.2500 (Rs. 25 * 100 units).

We went ahead and we opened August and September through MMPV. We consumed entire stocks during golive.

Now we came to know that value which was uploaded on 30th June should be Rs.30. Now auditors want that we should correct figure. Stock as on 30th June should be at Rs.30 per unit.

Now i have following two issues.

1. Stock cannot be revalued on 30th June since MMPV is done. For this we have convinced them that we will do on august.

2. Stock qty is zero as on today date. But there was 40 units on 1st August. How to go about revaluing on 1st August. Can we do MR21.

NOTE: Quantity was correctly uploaded. Issue is with price only.