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Oct 03, 2012 at 09:36 AM

User specific Storage category issue


hi Everyone,

I am having an issue related to User specific storage. The User specific storage location option is working fine as in - When a new document is being created by the User, and clicked on Check-in icon, it selects the Default storage category defined for the profile in 'Define Profile' step in DMS customizing. But, the issue here is - the system stores the documents in the Storage path specified in 'Data Carrier' PC path (in trx DC20), regardless of the user logged in.

Ex: We would like to have User1 - Storage location / Content repository (Path defined in OAC0 and assigned to a Storage category1 in OACT).

User2 - Storage location / Content repository (Path defined in OAC0 and assigned to a Storage category2 in OACT).

Q-1: We just have a storage path for Data carrier type PC in DC20 and not the user assigned PC exactly. Is this where I need to assign the desired Storage path specific to User's PC to make the Storage functionality work properly?.

Q-2: If the storage process picks the path specified in Data carrier (PC) trx: DC20 - regardless of 'Storage Category' selected while processing the document in CV01/02N, then we can't use the purpose for which the 'Storage Category' is created (Ex: Separate storage areas for Business transaction documents, User Training Manuals, Technical specifications, Drawings etc..).

Note: Please note that the following values have been given for the below parameters in OAC0 for all the Content repositories:

Document Area: DMS Document Management system

Storage Type: 03 SAP System Database

Rep. Sub-Type: Normal

Version No: 0045

Contents Table: DMS_CONT1_CD1

Please clarify.