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Oct 03, 2012 at 09:19 AM

Table KEKO


Hello CO experts,

I am working on BW, I am looking to enhance an extractor with some fields from table KEKO. I need to understand the functional relationships before of this table with other ones (in order to make consistent links).

Did someone have the relational model of this table with the other SAP tables?

In other words, If I take the key fields of Table KEKO:

-BZOBJ : Reference Object

-KALNR : Cost Estimate Number - Product Costing

-KALKA : Costing Type

-KADKY : Costing Date (Key)

-TVERS : Costing Version

-BWVAR : Valuation Variant in Costing

-KKZMA : Costs Entered Manually in Additive or Automatic Cost Est.

On which tables, I can find the sames records stored in table KEKO concering the above fields (e.g KEKO-KALKA = TCK03-KALKA)

If possible, only real functional links between tables

Many thanks for you help,