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Jul 14, 2005 at 12:40 PM

callback invoked only if abap-debug set to true


I use NCo ver 2.0.1 and VS.NET 2003

I instantiate a sapproxy object of type client and one of type server.

After that i've set the .callback property of the <b>sapproxy-client</b> to the <b>sapproxy-server</b> instance.

If I call sample functions Stfc_Connection and Stfc_Connection_Back I report no problems.

I have to use another function (<b>CDesk_Show</b>) calling more then one callback function on the sapproxy-server instance.

I put breakpoints on these function.

If I invoke the main function (the one internally calling callback functions i.e Cdesk_show) without ABAP-DEBUG option set to true, I get an exception and execution don't stop on callback-function-breakpoints.

If I set ABAP-DEBUG to true, execution stops at these breakpoints(i.e in Visual studio) and everything works fine and no exception is thrown.