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Oct 02, 2012 at 05:56 PM

Inbound and Movement Types


Hi everyone, I have the following task; I work in a SAP Retail implementation and I need to add a new movement type in the Inbound processing in order to make a differentiation of some type of sales, for example; there are materials which we would like to be cleared in stores. These articles will be sold by a minor price with a special unit of measure and then they will be recorded with movement type Z51 because with that we can measure this good issue (I've mentioned the special unit because I think that with this unit we can make the differentiation in the sale).

I've been looking around the transaction SPRO specifically in Sales and Distribution / POS Interface / Inbound and I find theses options;

  1. Control Sales as Per Receipt
  2. Aggregated Sales Control

The first one shows me POS info profiles with some information but the fact that took my attention was the 'Mov. type: Sale' and the value here is 251 and 252 as 'Mov. type: return'. the same with the second option which makes me think that I can use only one movement type for sales or maybe I can create an additional profile that let me manipulate this kind of sale but I don't know how to do it. Here we use transaction MB51 with movement 251 to find out how many products were sold in X date and we want to use this Z movement to show us information about the sold articles that were cleared.

I've found the BADi 'POS_WPUUMS_MB_CREATE' and 'POS_WPUBON_MB_CREATE' where I can manipulate info from the IDOC before data is posted with method 'CHANGE_DATA' and I was thinking that I could switch the movement type 251 with my Z movement when I find the special unit of measure but I don't know it this solution fits well.

So, I'm trusting that maybe you could show the best way to go or any advice .

Thanks in advance.