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Oct 02, 2012 at 02:01 PM

Earned Leave(EL)



Conditions of Earned Leave(EL) is as follows:

1. when employee joins he gets EL in 2 slots 1st Jan to 30 June 15 days and 1 July to 31 Dec 15 days.

1 Jan to 30 June Encashable Non-encashable 8 7 1 July to 31 Dec Encashable Non-encashable 7 8

2. Encashable + Non-encashable accrue up to 300 days. But Encashable leave can not go beyond 150 days at any point of time and non-encashable can go beyond 150 days provided encashable is below 150 days.

3. After 300 days of Leave, next 15 days leaves get generated which goes as reserve quota and treated as non-encashable. This 15 days cannot be carried forwarded to next half of the year it get lapsed if not consumed.

If employee take 25 days leaves at a time or encashes its leave then in that case this 15 days will again follow the rule of 1st point.

Kindly give some idea how this will be achieved.