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Oct 02, 2012 at 01:57 PM

How to parse arrays in XML from web service?


I'm using CR 2008 with an internal web service that is returning employee information. So far, each field of the returned XML structure is accessible as a field in the report and I can organize/arrange/formula them with no problems.

OK. Now the providers of the web service have made the phone number information an array, such that an employee with only a work phone has one element in the array, an employee with a work phone and a mobile phone has two entries, someone with a fax has a third array entry, and so on. Each phone number array also has a code to indicate what type of phone number that element is. Nice flexibility, but if I grab the phone number field for display in the report, Crystal will interpret each array element as a separate details row, so all the employee information gets repeated multiple times. The multiple detail rows also appear if I use the array structure in a formula trying to separate out specific phone numbers by the code.

So how do I parse this array inside the XML structure without Crystal wanting to interpret each array element as the source for a new detail row? If this was a relational database, I could do some SQL gymnastics to make each phone number a separate field in my SELECT statement, but with an XML web service I can't do any fancy SQL. The only option I've been able to make work is to make the phone number display(s) in the report each a subreport -- one subreport that filters the XML structure down to a specific phone number type -- but that seems like overkill for what should be a simpler solution. I need a more elegant solution because they will be adding more employee data as array elements in the future.