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Oct 02, 2012 at 02:08 PM

Problem in ALV Grid with select all and hotspot


Hi All,

I have an ALV grid screen in which there is a check box column and a column with hotspot. when I click on the hotspot a screen opens up. when I click on the hotspot for the first time then teh screen is called and when I click back button in that screen tehn it is coming back to my ALV grid. But if I do select all and then click on the hotspot, the screen opens up but when I click on back button it is not coming to my ALV grid. I have click it twice to come back. I.e. if I click select all 5 times then I have to click back button 5 times in the second screen to come back to my ALV grid. Can someone please let me know if something needs to be done to overcome this.

Thank you,