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Oct 02, 2012 at 08:52 AM

Some info about Form loading(menu event)



Yesterday i got an error,

normally after designing the screen painter ,after given the data bound

we are put the srf file in bin folder ,

before we are created a particular sap b1 all ready existing menus

by using omenus.creation package...

So i had created a menu it's id is two

my requirement is if i click on " two"

the screen painter file should be open

i had used menu event

nearly 20-30 programes i had developed..

i had used the same method..i had not got any errror..

yesterday i gone to some particular location(not regulalry using the system) i was tryied to develop a adon

i had put the same code in menu event...

(see below bold color Application)

exactly here i got an errror ,means showing some under(application) red color..

may i know why....

nearly i had tried 2to3 hours for solving this one

may i know why

if i put mouse on the application showing

import sapbouicom.something something i had seen

but i had checked it

i had all ready took references...


xml all i had took.

but why this type of error is comming....

'''' In menu event.....

If (pVal.BeforeAction = False And pVal.MenuUID = "two") Then

' '' '' SBO_Application.MessageBox("You are clicking on the second stage")

' '' '' Dim oxmldoc As Xml.XmlDocument

' '' '' oxmldoc = New Xml.XmlDocument

' '' '' Dim spath As String

' '' '' spath = IO.Directory.GetParent(Application.StartupPath).ToString

' '' '' oxmldoc.Load(spath & "\" & "sord.srf")

' '' '' SBO_Application.LoadBatchActions(oxmldoc.InnerXml)