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Jul 14, 2005 at 10:12 AM

IDOC - XI - FILE scenario


Hi ,

I am working on IDOC - XI - FILE scenario . This is my first assignment .plz help me .

I have done these configurations in SAP R/3 :

1) I Created an RFC destination to XI in the sender SAP system using SM59

2) Then Created a TRFC port to XI using the RFC destination created in the above step in SAP R/3 USING WE21

3)Created a Partner agreement usign transaction we20 in the sender SAP system

4)Created a logical system using transaction bd54 for SAP and XI

5)Create an RFC destination to the Sender SAP system using SM59 in XI

6)Create port to sender system using idx1 in the XI system for the RFC destination created of SAP .

7) Used idx2 in XI to load the metadata of IDOC .

After all the abovementioned configuration I created a customized program to trigger the IDOC from SAP to XI .

I used we05 and saw that IDOC is posted correctly from SAP with data.

When I used we05 in XI to check my IDOC , IDOC is there with no data and error message 56 & 60 .

I would like to know what all configurations I have to do in XI .

I have already seen the WEBLOG but I am not able to configure it . plz help me and provide me the step by step solution .

Thanks in Advance