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Oct 01, 2012 at 08:06 PM

Removing unnecessary libraries for deployment


I created a Setup project to deploy a Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010. I added the merge module to the setup project and in the properties of the merge module I set the installation of all the database drivers I don't need to 0, as my project only requires connecting to an Oracle 10 database.

I built the setup project to create the .MSI install file for my project.

Yet, the resulting .MSI has all the libraries for other database drivers I excluded and the final file is not a single byte smaller than what I get if I include all the drivers.

This effectively duplicates the size of my application installer. I also noticed that excluding export formats prevents these formats from being used; but again, no file is removed from the deployment MSI.

Any help will be appreciated as I would rather avoid the risky process of generating a .cab file an trying to manually pick the files I need.


PS: This sounds like a question somebody else might have posted before, but I made an honest effort to find it without luck.