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Oct 01, 2012 at 04:10 PM

What steps required to load data again to DSO and CUBE after changing the routine


Hi to all,

Can any one suggest some steps/solution of how to load the data to DSO and CUBE after changing the routine.

Example: There was some code error in end routine written between two DSO (DSO1 and DSO2).

Due to this data was coming incorrect to DSO2 and above CUBE.

The routine was changes between DSO1 and DSO2, to get correct result.

Now after changing the end routine code between DSO1 and DSO2.

should i need to do selective deletion for incorrect data in CUBE and DSO2 .

and reload the particular data (remove via selective deletion) again, from PSA to DSO1 and to DSO2 and then to CUBE.

or i need to take some other step for that.

Please share some light on it.


Pavneet Rana