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Oct 01, 2012 at 04:04 PM

difference between GL bal and Fixed assets balance



We had an upgrade some time back and from then on we have been facing issues especially in Asset accounting. One of which is the balance mismatch between FAGLB03's GL balance and S_ALR_87011964's current book value.

For us Period 5 got closed on 15.09.2012. When I ran ASKBN, the GL balance of P5 got matched when fixed assets balance report was run for the last day of the year 27.04.2013. However, not when I draw the report S_ALR_87011964 for the last day of P5 which is 15.09.2012.

When I run ABST2, I first get both the following messages in green

Company code ABCD: 42,025 asset summary records read from ANLC

184 records added to table EWUFIAASUM. Then once I click enter I find a balance in Delta. And when I come back I get the following error message

Differences between assets and G/L accts in the balance carried forward (message number is Message no. MQ555)

184 records read from table EWUFIAASUM.

I've tried to proceed from with in the error message and could not find any difference which suggests there has been a difference in the carried forward balance.

As well - I checked one of the most affected asset classes which had about 122 retirements with value date 22.09.2012 and I see the difference between 15.09.2012's and 27.04.2013's report for P5 is these retired assets. 15.09 report shows these assets acquistion value with some amount however, the same assets show 0 when drawn on 27.04.2013 and therefore the Current Book value matches with 27.03.2013's date's value

Please can someone suggest how to get the balance matched for each of the periods. In fact, I've asked the users to test some scenarios in period 6 and get back to me before runnig depreciation to check what could be the reason.

Any help would be highly appreciated.