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Oct 01, 2012 at 01:43 PM

Barcode for gas cylinder before and after refilling


Hi expert,

My customer has case study:

They produce the gas cylinder by refill the gas to blank cylinder. On each cylinder they have the barcode number .

Before cylinder is refilled, they will be scanned by barcode scanner and cylinders will go to line to refill and then the finish goods is cylinder with gas and will be scaned again before go to inventory.

They want to know how many cylinder were scanned but have not refilled and how many cylinders were refilled with gas.

The problem here is: On each cylinder they have one barcode number ( for blank cylinder and refilled cylinder). How can we manage on production Order?

We cannot use serial number for barcode becuase this is the same between blank and refilled cylinder. Customer cannot control .

Kindly give me the ideas!